Hard Decisions

Hard Decisions

It seems like the older I get, the more hard choices life presents me.  Gone are the simple childhood days where daily decisions included which tree to climb and what happy meal you wanted from McDonald’s.  Now, our choices have much more weight and the decisions we make can drastically effect the direction of not just our own lives, but the lives of others as well.

In recent years, my life has changed course several times over resulting in new jobs, new cities, fluctuating finances and a rollercoaster of stress and emotion.  I’ve moved from Michigan to San Francisco for work.  There I was an integral part of a successful start-up.  I made a choice to leave the company, city and friends I loved to start a new business in Ohio.  The next couple of years I never worked harder and sacrificed so much in my life.


The next tough choice was to sell my company in order to reclaim myself, as being a small business owner takes 110% of your energy 8 days a week.  I had to let go of the thing that I created and once again say goodbye to all of the good times and good friends I had made.  I started looking for my next path and was offered a job in Hong Kong.  I have never lived abroad and it would be the greatest separation from family and friends that I’ve ever had.

In Hong Kong, I have worked to adapt to not only a new city, but a new culture.  I did everything I could to find my place and do my job well.  However, after nearly 8 months of working, I knew that I was not in the right place on a career level… so I left.  Leaving my company in San Francisco to start anew was not as scary as leaving my job in Hong Kong.  Back in the States, I had a strong support system of family and friends but on the opposite end of the globe, all I had was myself.  It was a gamble and it was a big one.

The bigger the gamble, the bigger the reward, as they say.  I’ve now started a new position.  This new assignment is much more in line with my skills and interests and the culture closely matches my own personality.  I have found a place that I can enjoy and be happy with the work I do… and I get to stay in Hong Kong a little longer.

For others to look at my life and my choices over the years, they say I’ve had a very difficult and turbulent time.  They say there is no way they could ever do the things that I’ve done, but I disagree.  Life is all about choices and sometimes we need to make hard decisions.  Anyone can do what I’ve done and more.  The challenge is simply to make a choice, any choice, and commit to it 100%.  Yes, it can be scary, it can be hard and it will test your limits.  I would rather push myself, learn and grow rather than to stay in the same place and the same situation because the more I grow, the more I can do…. and I want to do it all!

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