A Tougher Transition

A Tougher Transition

During the past few years, the economy has taken a hit all over the world.  Jobs are scarcer and tougher to get.  Because of this, you hear about a lot of people turning to start-ups and entrepreneurship to make their own jobs and apply their creativity and expertise to a struggling market.  But now the market is slowly recovering.  There have been many success stories in the small business realm but what happens when an entrepreneur wants to make the reverse switch back to the corporate world?

stand-outTo start your own business, you draw off personal talent/experience to create a product that satisfies a market demand.  For most people, that experience comes from previous jobs in large companies.  I myself have been a part of 2 start-ups and a few other small businesses.  For the most part, I have been successful as an entrepreneur.   Lately however, I’ve been considering returning to a career path that is less turbulent and life-consuming.

Searching for a job with an international company however, has its own challenges.  Most companies want their experienced employees who occupy their mid and senior level positions to have previous experience working in large corporations.  My experience comes from owning and running a business for the last decade.  My team may have been small but some of my clients are on the Fortune 500 list and are themselves international entities.

So I begin to wonder, what is the tougher transition?  Is it leaving a corporate job to launch your own business or is it leaving the small business world to re-enter the corporate fields?  Each contains their own challenges and risks.  Has anyone else attempted to make a reverse move from start-ups to corporate life?  What were your hurdles?

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