Montie Corey

Corey Montie

Business Development, Customer Engagement & Small Business Start-ups

Name:Corey Montie
Address:Lansing, Michigan
Experienced entrepreneur and small business start-up leader. Strong international profile having lived and worked in Hong Kong, Canada, and the US. Dual-degree combining Computer Science and Experiential Education. Background in Event Production and Coordination.


Sep 2016 - present

The Grid Arcade & Bar

Owner / Founder

Michigan’s first retro arcade & craft beer bar


A full themed retro arcade and pinball venue featuring 40 craft beers on tap along with specialty cocktails.


  • Helped design the brand and interior design of the venue
  • Performed market research and financial projections for the business prior to launch
  • Wrote the full business plan and partnership operations agreement for the business as well as the SOP’s and employee manual
  • Created and led social and digital campaigns to build customer engagement into the thousands prior to launch.
  • Acting GM for the bar and employee trainer.
  • Designed specialty events and loyalty program.
Apr 2018 - present

Liquid Web

Customer Success Manager

Serve as a liaison for Enterprise level clients and across all internal departments to help manageprojects and grow relationships.

Jan 2016 - Apr 2017

Liquid Web

Enterprise Account Manager II

Primary liaison and business consultant for web hosting services to international enterprise-level clients


Assisted clients across the globe in growing and protecting their businesses via web hosting services.


  • Able to discover, build and maintain International relationships and business pipelines.
  • Adapt to multiple different culture and business styles while dealing with companies across the globe.
  • Opened communications between in-house and external staff to facilitate continued client relationships.
  • Manage entire sales cycle with existing and new clients.
  • Manage an International territory with a combined annual budget of over $300,000
  • Led internal and external teams throughout the sales process to ensure client needs were met and exceeded.
  • Employed multiple strategies to produce results and mitigate churn.
Jan 2015 - Apr 2015

Nixplay – Hong Kong

Marketing Programs & Events Manager

Cloud-connected digital photo frames and commercial displays.


Revamped customer engagement strategy dictating marketing programs, social media campaigns, and live events, to more efficiently and effectively target consumers and enterprise customers in the US and UK. (Left to return to US.)


  • Elevated email marketing program by implementing CRM with marketing automation and setting up a series of targeted drip campaigns running in parallel to entice 90,000+ contacts for ongoing subscriptions and sales.
  • Launched content marketing through social media channels. Revitalized blog, established content calendar, built Pinterest community, and grew Facebook following to 9,000 fans through campaigns and sweepstakes.
  • Coordinated launch strategy for new mobile app, developing digital marketing campaigns and incentive programs to secure large numbers of downloads and referrals.
  • Co-planned ongoing live events and tradeshow strategy in alignment with online campaigns.
Jun 2015 - Dec 2015

Business Strategy & Marketing Consultant


Independent contractor via various tech start-up companies


Assist young companies in building out their marketing framework and campaigns


• Implement CRM systems and ESP with email automation.
• Establish select social media presence.
• Outline brand voice along with 3-6 month marketing content calendars.

Apr 2014 - Dec 2014

Maventus Group Inc. – San Francisco

Business Development & Digital Marketing Manager

SaaS social media management platform with offices in US and Asia.


Defined a singular brand voice to bind together the customer experience across web, social media, email, and event channels for this social media dashboard producer facilitating photo-sharing across top platforms in the US, Asia and Russia.


  • Expanded lead database 35% to 13,000 contacts through lead-generation program, creating content giveaway campaigns, SEO-powered landing pages, and social media promotions.
  • Led customer engagement programs on a freemium revenue model to generate 100-200 new, prioritized leads per week, followed up through email marketing campaigns and direct telesales program.
  • Ran all aspects of Tech Crunch trade show presence, from collateral and demo video development to messaging and sales. Generated 80 leads in 1 day against historic baseline of 20 leads in 1 day.
  • Deepened social media identity and company branding through “behind the scenes” viral campaigns.
Mar 2013 - Mar 2014

Adelaide Cellar Door – Hong Kong

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Australian-owned pair of companies selling high-end wine and yachting expeditions.


Revolutionized this events-based business by implementing stronger product strategy, introducing marketing automation, opening up B2B service offering, and optimizing client engagement – ultimately inspiring a lucrative buyout.


  • Directly engaged 30-40 customers and prospects every day, using consultative selling to market tailored all-inclusive vacation packages, working with customers from initial pitch through push-off.
  • Drove social media and digital marketing programs that yielded unprecedented results, growing following on Instagram and Facebook to 5,000+ fans through hugely successful image-driven contests.
  • Account-managed corporate events for Moet & Chandon, BMW, and Mini Cooper, valued at up to $500,000.
  • Streamlined service offerings and installed cloud CRM, cutting costs by several thousand dollars per month.
May 2012 - Jan 2013

Foodie Magazine / I Love Ltd. – Hong Kong

Associate Commercial Director

I LOVE LTD. is an online media, events and community reviews website that highlights the best businesses in Hong Kong.  FOODIE MAGAZINE is a monthly publication about local F&B businesses and trends.


Built relationships with over several dozen local businesses, selling advertisement campaigns within the magazine. Was also the lead in creating a new product of live events and promotional packages designed to increase engagement with readers and grow the sales offerings of the company.


  • Sold over $150,000 of advertising during tenure.
  • Created and managed a new product of live promotional events. Both for reader engagement and as an additional product offering to advertising businesses.
  • Built lasting relationships on both B2C and B2B sides of the company.
Apr 2011 - Apr 2012

Last Call Productions – Columbus

City Manager

In-restaurant trivia service franchise in the US


Expanded this local events business from both sides of the equation, scaling number of venues as well as overall participants (online and on location) via print, web, email, events, and social media campaigns.


  • Grew online following from 300 to 3,000 community members via Facebook and weekly email newsletter achieving 25% open rate and >4% CTR – inspiring nationwide roll-out of these programs.
  • Through in-person consultative sales, grew city restaurant subscription network from 2 clients to 22 clients.
  • Hired and trained 9 employees to facilitate events, coaching staff on customer engagement, conflict resolution, and how to handle a crowd in any situation.
  • Upon moving to Hong Kong, sourced and trained replacement who has since become the Marketing Director.
Oct 2006 - Sep 2011

Urban Diversion – San Francisco

Operations Director & Partner

San Francisco-based social club producing outdoor and indoor events


Powered up this city events producer, doubling revenue in first year by expanding product mix, formalizing marketing and social media efforts, and tapping B2B market. Launched second location in Ohio in 2009.


  • Sold an average of 15 new membership packages per month through a combination of online marketing, events and in-person consultations.
  • Conceptualized, produced, marketed, and hosted over 30 events per month, from intimate dinner parties to 500-person theme parties with private venue, live music, catering, and corporate sponsors.
  • Lined up partnerships with local businesses, garnering sponsorships/discounts from REI, Sports Basement, and several food and beverage companies, to add value to membership and justify fee hikes.
  • Distributed weekly email newsletter to 10,000+ recipients, achieving 30% open rate and successfully driving traffic to web portal and Facebook page. Defined social media brand guidelines and KPIs.
  • Designed corporate packages for Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Oracle, and KPMG, securing up to $300/head for day-long outings and fully-catered exclusive evening events.




Single-handedly launched new events company in Columbus within 3 months, including market research, branding, event design, web development, Twitter & Facebook campaigns, and email marketing.
Generated 3,000 members and 30 enterprise clients in year one.


1997 - 2002

Ferris State University

Bachelors of Integrative Studies

Completed a dual-major comprised of studies in Computer Information Systems and Experiential Education

Marcus Zack Ronaldi

2009 Feb
Recruiting and Sourcing Accounting & Engineering

While at Google we hired Urban Diversion for our off site and he set up a Limo Scavenger Hunt.
This was a large event and it went off very well and was very pleased.

He is a great organizer and has a great attitude.

Raj Dhawan

2009 Feb
Senior Accountant / Assistant Controller

During the past 2 years that I have been involved with Urban Diversion, Corey has been the Operations Manager at the company. I have come to admire Corey’s sense of discipline, hard work, and above all, his character. Corey seems to have a moral compass that guides him, and I have repeatedly see him make the right decision. I think Corey will always be a great asset to any company that he works in, and I will always wish him great success in his career.

Elan Katra

2009 Feb
Vice President at Phoenix Marketing International

Corey’s accomplishments with Urban Diversion continuously impress me. He plans the most creative, interesting and fun events, and I know if I’m going to one of his activities it’s going to be great. He is the BEST event host – friendly, outgoing, fun, and genuinely concerned that everyone is comfortable with the group and having a good time. I’ve also seen him handle unforeseen complications calmly and with great professionalism, and have the utmost trust in him that things will always turn out well in the end. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Tom Glegola

2010 Jul
Sr. Regulatory Analyst at California Public Utilities Commission

Corey was an amazing event planner and host! He always looked for different and better events for UD members. Though he specialized in outdoors and sporting activities, he was willing to try just about everything — even going to the symphony or playing urban golf!

If Corey organized an event, I knew it would be good because he put in top notch effort from the research and planning phases of the event, all the way through to “game time.” He always was open to suggestions and always did his best to please members. I technically may have been a “client,” but I felt like much more than that and am certain I was not the only one.

Angie Palmer

2010 May
PR Professional | Actress | Producer

I have worked with Corey on a few public relations and photography projects. He is excellent with communication, especially in handling objections and difficult situations; connects well in the local community, and always comes up with creative ideas for promotion and events. After attending a few of his events and working more closely with him and his company, I found that he is also very dedicated and focused in what he does.

Corey has been a joy to work with. I will recommend him to any company that wants to work with a professional, organized and friendly event organizer.

Michael Kent

2012 Dec
Professional Entertainer

I’ve worked with Corey Montie and Dimensional Entertainment on multiple projects and I’ve always found him to be professional, goal-oriented and hard-working. I have been impressed with his level of network skills as he has been one of the more well-connected people I have known in Columbus before his move to Hong Kong.

Kathryn Wessendorf

2012 May
Dimensional Entertainment - Events Manager

Corey is a detail-oriented manager that understands the events business and community. A great teacher that takes the time to demonstrate that hosting great events are in the smallest details not just the the big picture. He is in tune with what the customer wants and adjusts to each and every event as it is necessary. His exceptional ability at time management and his attention to detail are something to be admired.

Jennifer Klosterman

2013 Jan
Director of Operations - Last Call Productions

I highly recommend Corey Montie as a candidate for employment. Corey was employed by Last Call Productions as a Sales Manager from March 2011 to April 2012. Corey was responsible for sales in growing our Columbus, Ohio market, and managing employees for our greater Columbus operations.

Corey has excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate. Corey can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. He is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to him. Corey was quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of the company operations, as well. Corey would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation.

Jessica Lloyd

2014 Jan
Adelaide Cellar Door & Hong Kong Yachting

Corey is a talented and strategic team player who brought a clear vision to the company. He excelled at streamlining processes and is particularly gifted at all aspects of digital marketing & comms. He was a one man IT department and we could not have managed without him!

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